PNC Bank, Wyoming Branch

Michigan, Kent County, Wyoming
220 28th Street, Sw 49548, MI
Phone 570-283-6156

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PNC Bank

EstablishedJan 1804
Number of domestic offices2581
Number of foreign offices2

About PNC Bank

PNC bank offers a wide range of services for all customers, from individuals and small businesses, to corporations and government entities. PNC provides deposit, lending, cash management and investment services to more than 6 million consumer and small business customers across 19 states and the District of Columbia. Customers can bank whenever and wherever they want via more than 2,700 branches, online and mobile services along with 7,400 ATM machines, many of which can be used to make deposits and cash checks.

PNC Bank delivers a broad range of tailored investments, wealth planning, trust and estate administration and private banking services to affluent individuals and families, including the ultra-affluent, with Wealth InsightSM providing a real-time view of assets and portfolio performance.

Call 1 888-PNC-BANK
Mon - Fri: 7am to 10pm ET
Sat - Sun: 8am to 5pm ET

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Financial information

Total assets$361,211M
Net income$1,657M
Net income, quarterly$876M
Total deposits$265,569M
Domestic deposits$257,676M
Equity capital$37,958M
ROAQ, quarterly0.97%
ROA, pretax0.97%
ROAQ, quarterly, pretax1.33%
ROEQ, quarterly9.28%
UpdatedNov 09, 2017

Terms and Definitions

  • Domestic deposits
    The sum of all domestic deposits, including demand deposits, money market deposits and time deposits.
  • Equity capital
    Total equity capital (includes preferred and common stock, surplus and undivided profits).
  • ROA
    Return on assets, net income after taxes and extraordinary items (annualized) as a percent of average total assets.
  • ROE
    Return on equity, annualized net income as a percent of average equity on a consolidated basis.