The Bank of Houston

Missouri, Texas County, Houston
404 South Grand 65483, MO

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The Bank of Houston

EstablishedJun 1889
Number of domestic offices1
Agriculture bank

About The Bank of Houston

Since June 4, 1889, The Bank of Houston has provided a variety of financial services for its customers. Today, this Bank continues its operations as a locally-owned community bank in a rural area.

Primarily, the Bank serves customers located in Texas County, Missouri; geographically, this county is larger than the state of Rhode Island. The number of people located in the county is approximately 25,000.00.

In recent years, the advent of electronics has greatly enhanced the ability of banks to provide financial services to customers. Debit cards, ATM cards, and automated clearing houses (ACH) allow the Bank to electronically process transactions for its customers. In addition, image-based account statements, web-available statements, and internet banking are available due to the convenience of electronics.

The Bank of Houston
404 S Grand Avenue
Houston, MO 65483
(417) 967 - 3351

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Financial information

Total assets$37M
Net income$-0M
Net income, quarterly$-0M
Total deposits$34M
Domestic deposits$34M
Equity capital$3M
ROAQ, quarterly-0.54%
ROA, pretax-0.54%
ROAQ, quarterly, pretax-0.54%
ROEQ, quarterly-6.67%
UpdatedFeb 08, 2018

Terms and Definitions

  • Domestic deposits
    The sum of all domestic deposits, including demand deposits, money market deposits and time deposits.
  • Equity capital
    Total equity capital (includes preferred and common stock, surplus and undivided profits).
  • ROA
    Return on assets, net income after taxes and extraordinary items (annualized) as a percent of average total assets.
  • ROE
    Return on equity, annualized net income as a percent of average equity on a consolidated basis.