Wells Fargo Bank, Bend Pb - Satellite Office

Oregon, Deschutes County, Bend
650 Southwest Bond Street 97702, OR

Banks near Wells Fargo Bank, Bend Pb - Satellite Office

Washington Federal
0.1 mi.
Washington Federal, Bend- Bluff Drive Branch
Oregon, Deschutes County, Bend
572 Sw Bluff Drive, Suite 120, OR, 97702
Umpqua Bank
0.2 mi.
Umpqua Bank, Bend Cbc Osprey Point Limited Servic
Oregon, Deschutes County, Bend
400 Sw Bluff Drive, Suite 100, OR, 97702
Bank of England
0.5 mi.
Bank of England, Eng Lending
Oregon, Deschutes County, Bend
50 Sw Bond Street, OR, 97702
JPMorgan Chase Bank
0.6 mi.
JPMorgan Chase Bank, Bend South Branch
Oregon, Deschutes County, Bend
61535 Hwy 97 S #a, OR, 97702
Washington Federal
0.7 mi.
Washington Federal, Columbia Street Branch
Oregon, Deschutes County, Bend
560 Sw Columbia Street, OR, 97702
Summit Bank
0.7 mi.
Summit Bank, Bend Branch
Oregon, Deschutes County, Bend
560 Sw Columbia Street, OR, 97702
High Desert Bank
0.7 mi.
High Desert Bank
Oregon, Deschutes County, Bend
1000 Sw Disk Drive Bldg 6, OR, 97702
Washington Federal
0.9 mi.
Washington Federal, Bend Lpo Branch
Oregon, Deschutes County, Bend
250 Nw Franklin Ave, Suite 101, OR, 97701

Wells Fargo Bank

EstablishedJan 1870
Number of domestic offices6113
Number of foreign offices37

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Financial information

Total assets$1,731,937M
Net income$10,205M
Net income, quarterly$5,262M
Total deposits$1,359,806M
Domestic deposits$1,237,791M
Equity capital$163,031M
ROAQ, quarterly1.21%
ROA, pretax1.21%
ROAQ, quarterly, pretax1.75%
ROEQ, quarterly13.16%
UpdatedOct 19, 2017

Terms and Definitions

  • Domestic deposits
    The sum of all domestic deposits, including demand deposits, money market deposits and time deposits.
  • Equity capital
    Total equity capital (includes preferred and common stock, surplus and undivided profits).
  • ROA
    Return on assets, net income after taxes and extraordinary items (annualized) as a percent of average total assets.
  • ROE
    Return on equity, annualized net income as a percent of average equity on a consolidated basis.